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2018 April - Arkansas Buffalo Trip

April 2nd-6th
Submitted by Sherri Watson

Due to the river being at flood stage we had to delay our start for two days. We put on at Pruitt on Monday paddled a few miles and set up camp at the confluence of the little Buffalo River and the Buffalo. We spent two nights at the confluence some of us relaxed and fished while others hiked and searched for an old cemetery. On Wednesday, we paddled leisurely for 20 miles to our next destination Skull Bluff where we camped for two nights there as well. Thursday morning, after our bacon and eggs, we ferried across the river and hiked to Hamilton cemetery then scampered up to the top of the Narrows for lunch. Keith satisfied our hearty appetites with pizza for dinner that night. Pizza cooked in a reflector oven on the river is fantastic. Friday morning we left our camp for our final destination but with a weather update later that morning predicting snow and sleet and falling temps, we opted to paddle 34 miles and take off the river a day early. Much to our delight, Wild Bill’s had shuttled our cars early which enabled us to all spend a night in a warm motel room. Saturday morning, we were greeted with snow, sleet and wind chills of 19°. I know we made the right decision! Thank you EJ, Anna, Houston, Gretchen, Sandy and Keith for making this a fabulous trip!

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