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Wanted: 10-12 foot kayak
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I highly recommend Hurricane brand of kayak and the Sojourn model model. Hurricane kayak is light weight thermal form plastic that stay shinning and new after 30 years. I bought my first one in 1990 (Tampico model) and it is still look as new today with 30 years of paddling. You will need one that is big enough for overnighter, ocean, bay, and river paddling. I highly recommend you buy 14' to 16' kayak. If you plan to only paddle river and day trip only, I would chose the Santee model because of the light weight and the shorter length. Need to ask the people in the club about this brand of kayak. If you could find a discontinue Tampico model 140S or 140L, buy it. It has the best tracking bottom hull.

Should anyone have one for sale, please let me know.

Also, should anyone have recommendations for a brand/type that is versatile , I’d appreciate it. I’m a canoeist and want to avoid the cheaper, dept store models for one that’s reasonable but more well suited to a variety of use. Thanks!

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