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2017 Trip Reports

2017 Tennessee Buffalo Icicle Float - NOT
The annual January trip on the Tennessee Buffalo guided by Alan Johnson and Leanne Logan.

2017 Rio Grande and Big Bend National Park
Several club members hit the road in February and spent some time way down in Texas.  This was been a favorite spot for the club for many years.

North Florida 2017
Our 4th year in a row to travel to Florida in the spring and enjoy the many beautiful rivers.

Ben Pulling
7 Days on the Suwanee River
We spent 7 days camping and paddling almost 100 miles on the Suwanee River Wilderness Canoe Trail

Tax Relief Cover
2017 Tax Relief Float
You don't actually get any relief from your taxes but we guarantee to relieve some stress caused by having to pay your taxes!

2017 Reelfoot Trip
A tour of the Reelfoot cypress swamp with naturalist David Haggard including a bonus "Eagle Release"!

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events